Based in the heart of Houston, Texas, we have dedicated our commitments to customers and clients from all over the world. From building a conglomerate corportation’s site overseas, to building a website for a local lemonade stand, our resources are truly unlimited. Our mission is to create a cohesive brand across all print, digital and media channels, to help our clients stand out in crowded markets, build awareness and increase productivity. Fortune Spark has demonstrated the ability to bring out quality in branding, marketing communications, public relations and other disciplines to deliver communication solutions that work in and of themselves and as components of the client’s overall brand strategy.

When searching for team members here at Fortune Spark Inc., we look for strategic yet intensly innovative minds. Our brand evolves daily and our culture is infused with team members who carry a winners mindset. We believe in partnering with personable individuals who are time efficient, open to growth/learning opportunities, self motivated, and a dominate force in customer service.

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